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Monday - Saturday 11-8, Wednesday 11-4, Sunday by Pre-Booking only

Birthday Parties


Book your child’s birthday party!   One game of mini golf, one  yogurt serving, table/party space and time is $11.00 per  child.  ( most folks let the adults pay for themselves but if you want  to pay for adults too it is $13.00 each).  A deposit equal to half the  number of kids invited is due when the party is booked.  You will pay  only for the number of kids that actually attend, total due on day of  party. 

 If it rains, you can reschedule for a later time ( with a days  notice) or go ahead and have the inside party and yogurt, and each child  will get a voucher for a golf game later on.

Due to limited table space, any adults that are not eating or  participating in the party please try not crowd out other customers.    Have fun, go outside and watch the kids enjoy themselves.

Unless  previous arrangements are made the party is for 1 hour and 45 minutes,  scheduled 2 hours apart.  If you go over there will be a $5 per child  charge for each 15 minutes over.  

The yogurt is not “all you can eat” watch those kiddos.  Prices subject to change.

Golf Prices

Adults $8 including tax, twelve and under $5 including tax, three and under free with a paid adult.  Prices subject to change.  

Yogurt & Gelato

Yogurt/toppings are .50 per ounce, ( most adults are $3-$6 ) Gelato is $4 per serving without toppings, $5 with toppings.  Prices subject to change.

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Thank You!

Call us with any questions.